VIFLY ToothStor - 4 Port 2S Balance Charger with Storage Mode


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  • 【4 Port 2S Balance Charger with Storage Mode】You can balance charge four 2S batteries at the same time. And they are 4 independent charging channels, not necessary to ensure the batteries are all the same voltage or the same size. In addition to charging the battery to full voltage, you can charge or discharge it to storage voltage for long time storage.
  • 【Colorful LCD Screen, Intuitive Interface】VIFLY ToothStor installs high quality LCD screen, the charging status is displayed clearly and the intuitive interface makes the operation very simple.
  • 【Support XH2.54 and BT3.0 Batteries】VIFLY ToothStor pre-soldered four XH2.54 and BT3.0 connectors, so it can work with any general XT30 2S battery with 3Pin XH2.54 Balance Plug or BetaFPV BT3.0 battery, but don’t put the two batteries in the same port.
  • 【Strong Heat Dissipation CapabilityThe fan and big heat sink would effectively dissipate the heat to prevent the unit from overheating. This greatly improves the efficiency and speed of the discharging.
  • 【Multiple Power Input】It supports Type-C, XT60 and DC power input. Type-C supports PD3.0 protocol that requests the input power must be higher than 65W.
  • 【Memory Function】VIFLY ToothStor had the memory feature of remembering last time settings, no need to set the charge current every time you turn it on.
  • 【Buzzer Indication】VIFLY ToothStor added the buzzer to beep when one charging circle finished, if you don’t like beeping, you can turn the buzzer off manually.


  • Dimensions 109*56*30mm
  • Weight 142g
  • Input connector XT60, DC(5.5*2.1mm), USB-C(PD3.0)
  • Input voltage range 10V-26V
  • Minimum input power 65W
  • Max charging current 1.5A/port
  • Support battery connector XH2.54 3Pin & BT3.0
  • Battery type LiHV / LiPo
  • Storage voltage 3.80V/Cell & 3.85V/Cell
  • Max discharge current 0.2A/port
  • Balance Current 0.2A

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