Jumper T16 Plus Hall Sensor Gimbal (1Piece)


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Jumper T16 Plus Hall Sensor Gimbal (1Piece)

Jumper Hall Sensor Gimbal for T16 Plus Radio Transmitter

Are you looking for a Jumper receiver, Jumper transmitter or Jumper Accessory for your drone or aircraft? Check out Australia's largest range of Jumper products here!

Upgrade the gimbals in your T16 radio to hall sensor gimbals for that silky smooth hall effectiveness that everyone craves....

Note that this listing is for 1 x gimbal, please select version from the drop down list.


  • Brand Name: Jumper
  • Model: Gimbal
  • Item Name: Hall Gimbal for Radio Transmitter
  • Supply Voltage (VCC): DC 3.0 ~ 3.5V
  • Sensitivity: 2.50 mV/G
  • Linear Output Voltage Range: 0.1- (VCC +0.1) V≤≤
  • Quiescent Output (TA =25°C B=0 G): 0.5 × VCC
  • Noise (no load): ≤40mVpp


  • Compatible with T16 Plus Radio Transmitter


  • Hall sensor
  • 4 ball-bearings
  • Adjustable tension

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Jumper Hall Sensor Gimbal   

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