JHEMCU Smokestopper XT30 and XT60


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I always tell everybody I meet to build a smokestopper, best tool ever. It safesguard the hundreds of dollars you put into your build. Not including the time spent building your new quad.

Always power up your quad the first time with a smokestopper. If everything powers up fine, you do not have to worry. The build was solid.

Gone are the days the smoke fills your room, and continue to remind you of your mistake, with the lingering smoky smells.

  • Connector: XT30 & XT60 (input and output)
  • Input voltage: 1-6S (3 – 30V)
  • Trip current: 1.0A
  • Hold current: 0.5A

Disclaimer: This is just a fuse. Something may still break by the time the fuse trips. It won’t protect against all kinds of damages, but it’s still way better than nothing at all!

Package Includes:
  • 1x JHEMCU Smoke Stopper

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