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By far the cleanest, simplest way to integrate ImmersionRC's Ghost, and Tramp, into a quad. Ghost vTx control is wired by default directly to the Tramp Nano, but a cut jumper allows BetaFlight control as an alternative if required.

Ships with M3 'gummies' which protect the sensitive electronics from the shock and vibration created by FPV flight (or rather FPV crashing...)
Available in 20x20, 30x30 or 25x25 (TinyTrainer, Toothpick)
Please select size from the drop down box.

Included in pack:
  • 3x Proton Pack PCBs
  • 12x IRC M3 'Gummies' for shock and vibration dampening
  • 3x 5-pin 0.1" headers
  • 3x 4-pin 0.1" headers

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