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FrSKY STK S.Port Tool Kit Programmer


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FrSKY STK S.Port Tool Kit Programmer is used for programming the S6R receiver and for upgrading all S.Port FrSKY receivers and telemetry devices.

For configuration of the S6R connect the receiver to the S.Port 1 and select "config" via the dip switch.

For upgrading S.Port products connect the device to S.Port 2 and select "upgrade" via the dipswitch

Steps: Put the DIP switch to the down side → connect the USB port of STK to the USB port of PC → run “frsky_update_Sport.exe”, match the COM port number to the one assigned by PC. Click “File” button and select FW version → connect the 3-wire S.Port cable to the S.Port 2 of STK and S.Port of upgraded product → After “device found, please click Download”, then click the “Download” button to start the upgrade → Exit the process by clicking “End” button after “Firmware is updated”.

Driver available for download here

S.Port update available for download here

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