FMR 12V 1A programmable battery charger kit 9-stage for all battery types plus Lithium

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Ideal for everything 12-Volt in storage with occasional use - Motorbikes, Jetskis, Rideon Lawnmowers, Classic Cars, Race Cars, Boats, Small tractors, Generators, Quad & ATV bikes, Trailer winches, Gokarts, Spotlights, Flounder lights, Duck Decoys, Kontiki, etc  (Note not for Hobby Lipos that require balance charging)

FUTURE PROOF programmable for all lead-acid battery types (Conventional wet, Calcium SMF, AGM & Gel) as well as Lithium (LiFePO4). Change the programming any time to suit whatever battery you have now or in the future.

Comes with two looms - one Crocodile Clip and one fused Hardwire with weatherproof connector for fast and easy connect/disconnect without having to directly access the battery.

This charger & maintainer is perfect for keeping your expensive batteries healthy and always fully charged and ready for use. Leave connected to ensure your battery survives over the winter, or to top-up after use in summer.

Super intelligent smart charger. Simply set and forget. Can be left permanently connected without damage and greatly extend the battery lifetime. Fully automatic trickle/tender charge mode.

1-Volt startup and special Recondition and Pulse Charge modes ensure even the flattest battery can be recovered.

Special low power mode checks if the battery requires top-up charge every 7 days.

LED display with intelligent microprocessor design shows all charge states and faults.

Manual can be downloaded here

Electrical RCM approval # SAA171570EA

See the programming video How-To guide here:


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