All New from ImmersionRC & FatShark, to compliment the release of the new Vortex mini racing quad is the new Race Band Ready range of 5.8ghz receivers, including the Dominator Goggle Module, UNO & DUO flavours (DUO yet to be released)

The Race Band Ready Dominator module allows up to 32 channels, with the DUO boosting up to 40 channels (adds boscam b bands), it is possible to have up to 8 pilots racing at one time with minimal interference, further assisted with the use of alternating RHCP & LHCP antennas. Successfully debuted at the FPV28 Races in Chartres France, the settled upon standard for the upcoming Drone Nationals in California next month, ImmersionRC & FatShark showcase their well earned dominance in the FPV arena.

We would also like to wish the very best of luck to everyone attending the Drone Nationals next month!

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