SECURE SQ-SW2 Mini Portable Rechargeable Spot Welding Machine


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The SQ-SW2 spot welder has a 1.8-inch LCD color screen display, supports automatic/manual working mode, with functions of low battery charge reminder, real-time circuit board temperature monitoring and high-temperature reminder, screen display flip, welding spot count, automatic shutdown, firmware upgrade, etc.

Technical Parameters

  • Recommended nickel strips: 0.1-0.2mm
  • Menu display: 1.8 inch color LCD
  • Working mode: automatic/manual
  • Built-in battery: 10000mAh
  • Shell material: aluminum alloy
  • Thickness of soldering pen wire: 8AWG
  • Cycle charging: support
  • Protection reminder: support
  • Firmware upgrade: support
  • Automatic shutdown: support
  • Power display: support
  • Temperature detection: support

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Package Includes:

  • Host machine ×1
  • Welding pen×1
  • Nickel strips×1
  • USB cable×1
  • Charger×1
  • Spot welding needle×1
  • Manual×1
  • Storage bag×1

Overall Dimensions

(1) Product Size: 150*80*26mm
     Net Weight Of Product: 428g

(2)Package Size: 210*100*58mm
    Packing Weight: 720g

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