FuriousFPV F-35 Lightning Flight controller Full Options (Horizontal)

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Furious FPV F-35 Lightning FC - Elevate Your Horizons.

Step into the all new F-35 Lightning FC - Furious FPV's 1st dedicated wing flight controller, ready and waiting to open all new worlds to winged FPV.

Encompassed by a robust case for maximum levels of protection and strength, the F-35 FC offers the ultimate levels of FPV capability that is dedicated & purpose built for the demands and capabilities of FPV winged flight.

Ultra easy to install with a massively powerful MCU STM F4 micro controller, the F-35 Lightning FC supports a full (6) UART's for GPS, VTX Control, S.PORT Telemetry,

Crossfire RX, RX, Bluetooth functionality. With these systems in play, the F-35 offers worlds of capability & performance for maximum levels of FPV flight.

Integrating a built in 5V@3A BEC, buzzer port, anti vibration silicone dampeners and battery monitor with current sensor, the F-35 Lightning FC packs a massive punch in an ultra compact form. Pair this with a built in Barometer & OSD system, the F-35 FC is the game changing flight controller that is ready for anything and everything a pilot could possibly desire.

Take your winged FPV flight to new worlds and beyond with the Furious FPV F-35 Lightning FC - the ultimate winged FPV flight control system.

Features and Specifications:

  • Flight controller 9 DOF with MPU-9250 + 1 DOF Barometer BMP280 + 1 DOF Airspeed (Analog & Digital)
  • MCU STM F4 high performance
  • Built-in OSD
  • Support up to 6 UARTs (GPS, VTX Control, S.PORT Telemetry, Crossfire RX, RX, Bluetooth)
  • Support 2 motors and 4 servos
  • Built-in Driver Inverter for SBUS and S.PORT connections
  • Built-in Battery Voltage and Current monitor
  • Camera and VTX port built-in Peripheral pass
  • Built-in 5V@3A BEC for small Digital servos, can be easily changed to External BEC for bigger Servos
  • Built-in Buzzer port
  • High quality silicone wires with optimized lengths are included
  • Support INAV firmware
  • Vertical USB ports and pads, easy to install

Included in package:

  • 1 x FuriousFPV F-35 Lightning Flight controller (Horizontal Pins)
  • 1 x FuriousFPV GPS Module 
  • 1 x FuriousFPV bluetooth module
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x GPS cable
  • 1 x XSR RX cable
  • 1 x TBS Crossfire cable
  • 1 x VTX cable
  • 1 x Bluetooth cable
  • 1 x Camera Cable



* User full manual F-35 Lightning Flight controller (Horizontal): Click here

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