FMR ESC 2-4s 22A FMR22A

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FMR ESC 2-4s 22A FMR22A

The FMR22 ESC brings forward a ground-breaking new design utilising a Powerful 32bit ARM cortex-M3 processor running at 72Mhz, in a powerful compact package, running brand new firmware developed from the ground up.

The lightning fast processor ensures no input pulses are missed, even at extremely high RPMs. Its bleeding edge features, including PWM frequency dithering and feed-forward compensation, combined with a sophisticated commutation algorithm, generate unmatched motor control smoothness and linearity, without sacrificing punch.

Firmware and Hardware Design by Tony Bazouni (Ub3r)

**PLEASE NOTE** Now comes with propguard/heatsink.

Features include:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia, using only the highest quality components, ensuring no sacrifice in reliability.
  • Plug and play custom firmware
  • Simple solder tab for motor reverse
  • 22 Amp continuous current (with cooling). Burst: 33 (10 seconds) TBA (1 Seconds), TBA (50mS).
  • 2-4S operation.
  • True 10bit PWM resolution gives well over 1000 steps of throttle smoothness.
  • Virtually no setup time, with auto-detect multi-shot, oneshot42, oneshot125 or standard 1-2mS.
  • Advanced motor timing and auto PWM-frequency (12-36Khz) algorithm.
  • Active braking, (damped light/synchronous rectification), down to 0.1% throttle. Allowing motor free-spin at throttle-off.
  • Very high RPM, 500KERPM+.
  • Ultra fast throttle response.
  • Firmware upgradable.


  • Size: 20mm x 12mm x 3.5mm
  • Weight: TBA
  • ARM 32 cortex-M3 72mhz processor

Important Notes before power up:

  • To reduce physical damage, ensure the ESC is mounted on a soft pad.
  • Ensure the ESC has good airflow
  • Ensure the cables are no thicker than 16Awg. Thick cables can stress the pads.
  • Ensure the Signal GND leads are connected
  • Ensure the Signal and Signal GNDs are twisted pair to reduce noise
  • Ensure Signal and Power polarity are correct
  • Ensure there are no cold solder joints
  • It’s always a good idea to use a smoke stopper for initial power-up
  • Thermal protection will reduce power to 70% (continous beep for 1 second)
  • If running high powered setups sufficient cooling is required due to the small size and heat dissapation abilites.
  • Do not overload ESC's with more than 22A continous current.

Important Notes after power on:

  • Ensure the ESC has been calibrated
  • Ensure the power is cycled if the comms protocol has changed
  • Ensure the ESC has been calibrated after a comms protocol change
  • Ensure min throttle is set to at least 1060+
  • Ensure the motor is spinning in the correct direction

FMR ESC 2-4s 22A FMR22A

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